Drawer Slide Series – Drawer Chest Box

Finally, a quality tool and parts box that is made right and is still affordably priced. Made of heavy-gauge aluminum construction designed to last a lifetime. The drawer system consists of ten precision-injected commercial grade plastic drawers. These drawers glide smoothly on high quality zinc-plated metal sliders equipped with stainless steel ball bearings. The bottom three drawers have removable dividers making it easy to configure the drawers so the contents can be stored as needed. Designed for sturdy mounting on trucks, vans, trailers, workbenches or just about anywhere they are needed. Available in either Powder Coat or Bright Tread Plate finishes. Stainless Steel T-Handle Locks make UWS Drawer-Slide Units easy to open and lock securely. Weather-tight seals make these units Commercial Grade-Tough.


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