Lorado Tonneau cover

The same quality components as the respected Access® Roll-Up Cover but with a low-profile design.


Top of the line parts like the XT-dial and premium storage straps
Sleek Low Profile Looks

Tension Control

The XT-Dial™ features an easy grip tension adjuster which gives you perfect tension control. No tools – No hassle.

Premium Storage Straps

Our premium straps feature a cab guard design that prevents the cover from rubbing on the cab. Super tough nylon straps secure the rolled up tonneau cover.

Latching System

Patented AutoLatch II™ has an automatic, dual locking system that releases both locks in one smooth action. It is the most reliable latching system on the road.

Tight-Bite Clamps

Attaches tonneau cover to truck bed without the need to drill into bed. Specifically cut “teeth” maintain a superior grip and exceptional strength.


Pro-II Heavy-Duty Racks

Stainless Steel Truck Cady Rack

DCU Contractor Series